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ChME2 Diesel Locomotive

Game model Czechoslovak diesel locomotive ChME2.

Collaborative work with Alexander Ryzhkov

For its creation used photographic references what were taken from the Museum of railway transportation in Kiev, what allowed attention to the technical details of transport. Thanks to baking texture maps from high-poly model, we get a good detailing with a small number of triangles.

Technical characteristics of the model:
Polys: 36 518
Tris: 67 982
Green: 40 313

Textures (Metalness workflow):
- 4096x4096 for body
- 2048x2048 for bogie
- 2048x2048 for interior
- 1024x1024 for glasses

Available for sale:

LOD1 -  29 241 tris

LOD1 - 29 241 tris

LOD2 - 2 682 tris
Texture: 4k

LOD2 - 2 682 tris
Texture: 4k